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Item Code:  K512
Our Price:   Click here
SIZE:  As per Requirement
GUARANTEE:  3 Years on site
Channel:  Only from Hettich
Customization:  As per Order
Layout Design:  FREE
Product Details:
  • Size of this kitchen can be customized as per structure & area of your kitchen platform.
  • Over head storage unit along with hub ( chimney) is optional and depth; length & height of this storage unit can be customized ;
  • Kitchen shutter ( i. e front door) is made up of Modular Plywood; which comes with extended Guarantee.
  • We follow automated work process over manual carpenter work because of many reason associated with it.
  • To have elegant look and finish in kitchen; it is must to do entire wood process in automated machine.
  • Automated wood process involves; cutting; bending; edging; drilling & fixing.
  • By opting automated work; entire process becomes fast & time consuming and it become easy to executive project within stipulated time frame.
  • As entire automated processes are executed at our workshop; it helps client to have neat and clean & noisy free environment at home.
  • Manual carpenter work is time consuming and also it’s not possible to have elegant finish; look and smooth edging.
  • Apart from above issues; manual process makes home environment disturb and messy & noisy as entire process has to be done at your place.
Guarantee Info:
  • Our entire range of Modular kitchens come with 3 years comprehensive Guarantee.
  • Each and every parts like; kitchen trolley; shutter; channel; door engages; handles will come with 3 years Guarantee.
  • If any of spare parts get damage or get spoiled then we are committed to replace it Free of cost in Guarantee period.
  • We normally take 2 to 3 days to resolve any type of kitchen issues or complain.
Color Info:
  • If you like any of our kitchen then it can be customize in terms of size; color & shape of your choice.
  • If requested we can make kitchen mock up design along with layout in color of your choice.
  • Mock up design helps clients to determine how their kitchen will look even before buying Modular Kitchen.
  • As we got special kitchen software; we can make various kitchens mock up design for FREE of COST.
How to check Quality:
  • While assigning Modular Kitchen work to any vendor it is must to get assured of quality check.
  • STEEL: all drawers; basket & cutleries are made of up of steel and it has to be of Grade: 304
  • For few clients budget may go beyond if they opt Grade 304 in that case one should buy Nickel with 2% mixing.
  • Avoid buying Grade: 202 steel in Modular kitchen as it become yellowish after few moths of using.
  • As there is no simple tool to determine difference between steel  grade 304 & 202 and hence it is recommend to hire trusted vendor for all kind of Modular Kitchen work
  • All drawer’s channel & other fittings like handle; hinges; screws etc should be either from Hettich or Hefele.
  • Hettich & Hefele fitting & spare parts are 4 to 5 times costly than local spare but it has extended life compare to local fittings.
  • Ideally shutter ( door) play wood should be of auto pressed bending play wood  & entire process has to be done on automated machine to get quality output.
  • Ensure that you get minimum 3 to 4 years Guarantee on all spare parts including channel; handle; hinges; screws etc under free replacement.
Site Visit & Estimation:
  • We can visit your place to understand your requirement and it would always be  FREE of COST.
  • There wont be any visiting charges ever to visit anywhere in Mumbai | Navi Mumbai | Thane | Bangalore & Delhi.
  • If requested; we may take two to three working days to visit your place with prior confirmation.
  • To be competitive; we may design few layouts & mockup design as per your existing kitchen structure.
  • We have software for kitchen cabinet design purpose, which is highly user-friendly and customer-oriented. It can provide completed range of solution:
    - kitchen floor plan with dimension;
    - Optional kitchen cabinet arrangement and design
    - Photo-realistic images
    - Accurate quotation
    - Detailed working drawings
  • Our layout & mockup design will be a replica of your proposed kitchen structure. It will help you to decide on that particular shortlisted design.
  • While visiting your residence we come up with required spare parts to help you understand quality matrix.
  • You can hire our service only if you like our kitchen layout or designs which we draft specially for you.
Recent Works:
  • We can executive 10 to 15 kitchen projects every month at each of above location.
  • Kitchen project execution may take 1 to 3 weeks depending upon kitchen size and type.
  • Please click below link to see our recent kitchen projects we did.
  •  KITCHEN PROJECT click here
  • We will personally come to your place to show you color catalogue.
  • We will help you to understand which color, shade and design suits you the best.
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