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  • While assigning Modular Kitchen work to any vendor it is must to get assured & satisfied with quality of raw material.
  • STEEL: Steel plays a major role in Modular Kitchen works as all drawers; basket & cutleries are made of up of steel.
  • There are different series of steels which are used to make kitchen basket are available in market like 200 series; 300 series & 400 series.
  • Do you know that 200 Series STEEL is cheaper than 300 Series?

    • 200 Series of Stainless steel is produced using the same methods as for 300 Series and by using the same machineries. The temperature range used is also the same.
    • However 200 Series steel has 40% higher yield than corresponding 300 series stainless steel. Also Manganese and Nitrogen which are cheaper replaces Nickel, which is the costlier material.
    • Thus 200 series of stainless steel are cheaper than 300 series of steel.
  • In 300 series also out of grade 301; grade 302; grade 304; clients are recommend to opt Grade 304 because of quality and strength associated with it.
  • Grade 304 steel will cost you little more but it will always be free from corrosion and rusting and also it will never become yellowish with contact of water.
  • For few clients budget may go beyond their limit if they opt Grade 304 in that case one should buy Nickel with 2% mixing.
  • Avoid buying grade: 200 or 201 or 202 steel in modular kitchen basket as it become yellowish after few months of uses.
  • For common people it is virtually not possible to differentiate between grade 304 & grade 202 steel with naked eyes.
  • To determine steel grade there are three types of testing namely X-ray fluorescence which is fast and non-destructive, spark tests and chemical spot tests.
  • As there is no simple tool to determine difference between steel grade 304 & 202 hence it is recommend to hire trusted vendor for all kind of Modular Kitchen work.
  • All drawer’s channel & other fittings like handle; hinges; screws etc should be either from Hettich or Hefele.
  • Hettich & Hefele fitting & spare parts are 4 to 5 times costly than local spare but it has extended life compare to local fittings.
  • Ideally shutter (door) playwood should be of auto pressed bending playwood & entire process has to be done on automated machine to get quality output
  • Ensure that you get minimum 3 to 4 years Guarantee on all spare parts including channel; handle; hinges; screws etc under free replacement.

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